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A Peek into the Game of Bingo

Bingo is a game full of fun and is very easy to play. Purely considered as a game of chance, it is easy to win bags of money if you have loads of luck by your side. As this is a fun game and doesn’t have much rule to follow, there are no big strategies to follow and no prior training is required.

Even a novice can play this game of luck. This is one of the biggest reasons why people around the world love playing this game. Though Bingo is part of the games in Casinos, it is not a typical casino game.

Well before taking its place in Casinos, Bingo was played during birthdays, tea parties and other get-togethers. It was purely a game for socializing and entertaining. That is why it is more of a woman’s game rather than a man’s game. With quite a significant number of women followers,

Bingo houses and online virtual Bingo houses are occupied by the women population. But it doesn’t mean men are not in the game. With the increase in virtual bingo houses online, recent years have attracted more men into this game.

The Game Basics

In Bingo, one or more cards are printed with squares with different number combinations. When the caller of the game draws and announces a number, markers are placed on those respective numbers. The winner of the game is the first one who marks a complete row of numbers. Simple, isn’t it?

Bingo’s Origin

In today’s gambling world, many games that were once popular met with a gradual death. But few of such games made a second coming. One such game is the Bingo. Bingo was a very popular game during post World war 2 in Britain. Then, slowly its popularity declined.

While people thought that it is never going to come back, online virtual Bingo game gave a new life to the once popular game. Bingo originated from the French game, Lotto, that was played in Italy in the 1770’s. But this game was popularized by Edwin S. Lowe, who played that game in a carnival.

It was called Beano in the carnival and when he introduced it to his friends, it was wrongly uttered as ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’. From then on, the name ‘Bingo’ was retained and the Bingo cards were developed later on.


Bingo has since then travelled a long way. They have become part of the Casino games. With new technological developments, Bingo has find its way in the virtual world. There are lot of sites offering online Bingo games and there are also Bingo Halls that offer huge cash prizes.

The first online Bingo game was introduced by CyberBingo.com and by the year 2003, online bingo became a rage in UK. By 2013, Bingo became a favourite of mobile players. Breaking all the stereotype about how Bingo is being viewed by many as those old Bingo halls in run down towns, it is now a £1.3 billion worth industry in the United Kingdom.


What’s in Future? There is one place where the Bingo failed to grab the attention, the Television! Though the Bingo advertisements and promos are popular in television, Live TV Bingo games have failed to attract the audience. But that hasn’t stopped Bingo from going forward. With powerful media tools like the Facebook, there are now Bingo Games in Facebook

With advanced smart phone technology, mobile Bingo is going to be the next big step in playing Bingo. In United Kingdom, the game of Bingo has already reached a saturation point. There are more and more Online Bingo Sites coming up to satisfy every Bingo player.


Final Word
The Evolution of Bingo is quite amazing. It has gone through a lot of evolutionary phases and is still loved by everyone. Originating in Italy, this game was developed and revolutionized by Britain and is now commercialized by US. This in itself proves that Bingo is a universal game and loved by all the people around the world.

The game continues to reach people through the online medium, and attracts the younger generation. It is confirmed by the fact that its popularity has increased by 150% in the past decade. Not yet played Bingo? Its high time now!